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Jon C. Jensen

I live in Provo, Utah and work at End Point Dev on various Internet-related projects: web applications, databases, e-commerce, scalability, system administration, and security, and occasionally, Android app development. I’m a radio amateur (“ham”) with call sign KG7TXN.

I write on the End Point blog and Somusing, blog of my wife, Erin.

Other places to find me on the web: Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn End Point

My email address is jon@swelter.net — since 1999! You may encrypt messages to me using PGP/GnuPG with my current public keys (2019 ed25519 ECC key, 2012 4096-bit RSA key), which superseded my historical keys (1998 DSA key, 1994 RSA key).

A quotation

[A]ll of us who defend the freedom of speech … are trusting—and
not comfortably—that people who come under the influence of our modern
public arts will yet somehow remain under the influence of Moses and
Jesus. I don’t see how anyone can extend this trust without opposing in
every way short of suppression the abuses and insults that are protected
by it. The more a society comes to be divided in its assumptions and
values, the more necessary public freedom becomes. But the more necessary
public freedom becomes, the more necessary community responsibility
becomes. This connection is unrelenting. And we should not forget that
the finest works of art make a community of sorts of their audience. They
do not divide people or justify or flatter their divisions; they define
our commonwealth, and they enlarge it.

—Wendell Berry, Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community (1993), pp. 160–161

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Travel notes

A map of the route my son & I took on our 2019 trip to Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova: Jon and Seth itinerary in June 2019.

An interactive map of various churches we visited in north England in 2013, with links to our blog posts and photos about each: Churches in north England, 2013.

Work talks

Presentation slides from talks I have given at technical conferences and company-wide meetings are available.

Free software

I support free software and open source. Don’t be a sharecropper!

I am on GitHub as jonjensen and have contributed to projects including PostgreSQL, Interchange, DevCamps, and Bucardo. I also keep old miscellaneous scripts around.

Other free software I work most often with: awesome, alacritty, kitty, tmux, Screen, zsh, bash, Firefox, Chromium, Vim, Git, Rust, Go, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, PostgreSQL, Linux (mostly Red Hat/CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian), Android, OpenBSD, OpenSSH, Apache httpd, nginx, Postfix, Dovecot, Pine (now Alpine), Signal, GnuPG, Standard Notes, Zulip, MediaWiki, VLC, rsync, ripgrep, mtr, and Nmap, just as a sampling. Thanks to all free software developers for your time and efforts!

Once upon a time I created some RPM packages of free software for use on Fedora Linux. The source RPMs may still prove useful for building on a newer version.

Human languages

Some Unicode things I keep handy:

Language family maps for reference:

My novice linguistics research: I wrote a paper for Linguistics 490 (senior seminar) taught by John Robertson, winter semester 1998 at Brigham Young University. It examines how Hebrew verb patterns (binyanim) may be semantically grouped using C.S. Peirce’s universal categories. The paper: Hebrew Verb Pattern Tendencies Clarified by Peirce’s Universal Categories (8.5″ x 11″). Reference chart: Roots in various binyanim chart (11″ x 17″).


Some of my free verse:

Many years ago, a tree fell on our car, so I wrote up the story to share.

Good causes

A few organizations I support:


Links about religion:

Johann Sebastian Bach composed some of my favorite music. See these freely redistributable Bach sheet music PDFs and the James Kibbie complete Bach organ works recordings. Mutopia collects freely usable music scores. Thanks to those who typeset the music and gave it away!




mod.zayda.net is a collection of old Amiga-era music “modules”, including the whole U4ia and F8 collection by Jim Young, mostly created on his Amiga.

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